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HF-Logo-Extra-Large-CMYK-3We believe in giving back to the community. We are proud sponsor of Humanity First, where out contributions and time is helping many in need.

Humanity First is a humanitarian relief organization providing aid to those affected by natural disasters and undertakes emergency relief operations around the world.

Food Bank: Humanity First Food Bank is located in the City of Vaughan operating 7 days a week to provide immediate assistance to the needy families across GTA. 70% of the recipients of this program are new immigrants/refugees and families sustaining on social services. Over 1300 families are registered with Humanity First receiving food support, clothing and school supplies.

Feed a Family: Under this program, free food hampers (with food supplies for a month) are provided on a monthly basis to those families who struggle for the their daily sustenance. Most of these families have no means of transportation to come to the Food Bank, and thus monthly food hampers are delivered to their homes free of cost throughout the year.

Humanity First Canada 10 YearsFeed the Homeless: Humanity First volunteers serve hot meals to homeless people in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Our Children – Our future: Humanity First Canada supports children living in unfortunate socio-economic and familial circumstances to meet and exceed their academic potential by sending them to educational and recreational camps.

Gift of Vision: Humanity First provides a pair of eyeglasses to those who are in need of glasses, but have financial limitations; as long as this expense is not covered or funded by any other source.

Seniors First: This program provides seniors with opportunities to stay active and engaged in the local community, enabling them to foster healthy and independent living. Free counselling is also provided on social, familial and health related matters.

Charity Run: Humanity First also sponsors the “Run for Vaughan” charity run to raise funds for the future hospital in Vaughan, Ontario. This event is also supported by City of Vaughan and Region of York. Humanity First has teamed up with Run for Vaughan and other sponsors to help in building the much needed hospital in this area.